Project Overview

I was tasked with the exercise to re-design a logo for a small business and I chose 111 Arts Gallery and Tattoo Studio in Muncie, IN. My concept was based on Chinese artwork name seals, which tell who either owned or created an artwork. I related this to tattoos and how they can show your identity/the identity of the artist who made it. I created a logo suite and the typeface, which was created from the shapes of the tattoo gun icon. I also designed business cards for each artist and put their name in the same typeface in the logos.

Identity Design

Logo Mockup

Additonal Materials

When creating a custom font for the logo I decided to also use it in custom buisness cards for each of the tattoo artist who work in the studio. I stylized each one of their names out of the typeface I created and designed the cards around it. I also created merch designs with the logos that I created, including sweatshirts and stickers.