Project Overview

The goal of this project was to build a responsive website for any chosen character. I decided to go with 'Breath of the Wild' Link as my character and make him a travel blogger site. On this website he would spread tips and tricks to backpacking, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. He would also have a food section for his favortie recipies and a locations page to document the best places he'd been. I designed and prototyped this site in Figma and tried to keep it true to the 'Breath of the Wild' aesthetics while also incorperating my own design sense. The mobile version was made first and then scaled up for desktop.

App Screens

Process Work

At the beginning of this project my first step was to create my information architecture so I could figure out what screens I needed and how they would flow. My next step was to get into Figma and create some lo-fidelity wireframes to get the general layout of the app. My final information architecture and lo-fi wireframes are shown below.


Figma Walkthrough Video