Project Overview

Guided DOMA is a concept app made for the David Owsley Museum of Art at Ball State University. The goal was to focus on accessibility and create an app that helps with the museum expereience for people with disabilities. I chose to focus on people who have dyslexia and/or general vision loss when coming up with the features for this app. These features included a map, an audio tour section, and a scanner feature. With all of this the user can also find information about all of the galleries, upcoming exhibitions, and DOMA itself. When creating Guided DOMA I went to the museum to take my own photographs used within the app as well as illustrating and animating my splash and onboarding screens. I worked in Figma to build the layout and prototype the pages.

App Screens

Process Work

At the beginning of this project my first step was to create my information architecture so I could figure out what screens I needed and how they would flow. My next step was to get into Figma and create some lo-fidelity wireframes to get the general layout of the app. My final information architecture and lo-fi wireframes are shown below.


App Walkthrough Videos